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Greetings my Friend...and Welcome to the FUTURE!  My name is Sulaiman! I am your Witan Group Team Leader.  We are Corporate Trainers for the African American Connection (AAC) which is a 100% totally owned, designed, developed and operated African American (Black) enterprise.  Our team, The Witan Group, is committed to the creation of, and sustaining a needed paradigm shift in the economic landscape of the African American communities across this Nation, through an escalated system of business development and connectivity within and throughout the 42+ Million African American citizens of the United States, truly empowering our People and communities, collectively, for the first time in our History!  Our mission and goal on this site is to share with you, the great possibilities and opportunities available to our People, when we choose "Economic Freedom and Prosperity" versus Economic Depression, Oppression and Deprivation!


 This inspired business model, of the AAC, enables and empowers African Americans like no other system has, since the end of Slavery.  The key element to securing and strengthening the economies of our communities lies within a simple, yet complex system of "Collective Marketing and Collaborative Engagement."  We will show you in detail how this is accomplished, through a one-on-one presentation / conversation with you, or you can register to attend one of our FREE "AAC Informational Webinars" at the following link:




The Witan Group is also actively seeking "qualified", motivated and pioneering spirited individuals, organizations, Religious and educational institutions, who are willing to collaborate with us, through our unique Associated Groups and Affiliate Programs.  Our Affiliate and Associated Group Programs, are designed to empower African Americans, thus  improving the economic prosperity and wellbeing within our families and among the People of our communities.  PLEASE VIEW THE VIDEO, FROM THE AFRICAN AMERICAN CONNECTION'S  FOUNDER/CEO (CHARLES BOWLDS), " CALLING OUT "ALL" AFRICAN AMERICAN COMMUNITY BASED ORGANIZATIONS AND INSTITUTIONS," TO YOUR RIGHT, ON THIS PAGE!


The AAC is  "NOT" a Multi-Level Marketing or Network Marketing business concept, in the least!  We are unique, dynamic and effective, and we are definitely a ONE-OF-ITS-KIND Business Model! There is absolutely NO other program or business model of this type to be found ANYWHERE, created to solve the economic problems and serve the needs of African Americans. 


If you are an individual, with aspirations toward Self-Employment, and also desire to help others within our community to be empowered towards Doing Something For Themselves, the AAC Affiliate Program, offers an exciting and rewarding opportunity for you, and for certain, We Can Help You To Reach Your Goals and Objectives!  If you are a Religious Institution (Church / Mosque) or Not-For-Profit Organization, Club, Sorority, Fraternity looking for ways and means to increase or stabilize the financial welfare of your institution or organization, while simultaneously providing unparalleled support and economic empowerment and opportunity for your congregation, membership or constituents, our Associated Group Program was designed specifically for you, and We Can Help You!


Our Team, The Witan Group, is Ready, Willing, and more than Able to serve, support and help you to grow and reach your goals and financial objectives, while collectively we work to strengthen the economies of our Families and Communities!  The Government can't and won't do for you, what you are capable of doing for yourself!    (And it Shouldn't!) Therefore, if you have the desire, and courage to step outside of the box of doubt, indecisiveness, reluctance and fear, to participate in a Pioneering, Revolutionary, Transformational and Sustainable business concept, designed exclusively with YOUR needs and aspirations in mind, then DO NOT wait another minute, contact us "TODAY" and learn how "YOU" can participate in this history making, game changing opportunity! 


Welcome to the Future of African American Economic Prosperity!


 After perusing our site, if you feel that our business model can truly benefit others within our community …  PLEASE "SHARE" US WITH YOUR "FACEBOOK" FRIENDS, BY CLICKING ON THE "SHARE" LINK OR "FACEBOOK SYMBOL" BELOW, ON THIS PAGE. Working Together, we can build monumental bridges towards a more prosperous Future!





The Witan Group


  If you need assistance call us at:  888.AAC.8842

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